Your rights at the beginning of the journey or during your trip:


If the train leaves with a delay of 60 minutes, you have the following rights:






If a hotel accomodation is necessary, the railway company can limit the duration of accomodation to a maximum of 3 nights due to the following reasons: Extraordinary circumstances (extreme weather conditions), fault of the passenger, behaviour of a third party (sabotage, persons on the track).



Our advice:


Ask the railway company for help to find a hotel accomodation prior to booking the hotel yourself.


In case of a foreseeable delay of at least 60 minutes: If you do not want to start the journey or if you want to cancel the whole trip, you are entitled to a refund of the ticket price and of a return transport to the starting station free of charge. The reimbursement must be credited on your account within 30 days after having submitted your claim.


If a delay of at least 60 minutes is forseeable and you want to make the journey, you can request a rebooking on another train free of charge. Some railway companies cancel the train commitment. You can choose a new connection yourself under comparable transport conditions. Some railway companies require a seat reservation for the alternative connection, e. g. for the TGV in France. The railway company is obliged to provide you with the seat reservation free of charge.


If the railway company does not offer an alternative connection within 100 minutes, you can book the alternative connection yourself and charge the costs to the railway company. You can also buy a ticket from another railway company or from a bus company. Please note: The cost of a flight is not refundable.



Your rights upon arrival: 


You can claim for compensation if you have already started your journey and if you arrive late at the destination station:





Good to know:

Find out about the level of compensation. For example, some railway companies pay compensation for delays of 30 minutes or more. Other railway companies may pay higher amounts than those set out in the European Rail Passenger Rights Regulation. Check the transport conditions.



Please note: