You can buy the tickets at the railway station or online. Some train companies also offer the option to buy the tickets on the train. However, there is often a surcharge to be paid. Please note: The Deutsche Bahn AG does not sell tickets on the train.


If you are travelling through several EU countries, you can buy the tickets from one or more railway companies.




Your rights:


If your journey consists of several sections, your rights if the train is cancelled or delayed depend on the fact whether you have a one ticket (so called through-ticket)¬†or several separate tickets for the whole journey. It also depends on the fact whether you bought the ticket directly from a railway company or from a ticket seller (e. g. a booking website). (For more information see categgory “train cancellation” or “train delay” in this tool).




If your train is on time and you miss your connection, you cannot hold the railway company responsible. The railway companies are not obliged to reimburse you for the ticket price of the missed train or to rebook you on another train free of charge.




The legal right of withdrawal which applies to online sales does not apply to the purchase of tickets which you bought on the internet. Please check the cancellation conditions prior to booking.




Our advice: