Your rights:


The EU regulation (EU 2021/782), which came into force on 7th June 2023, basically ensures that rail passengers have the right to take their bicycles in long distance and local trains with them. However, the railway companies will have several years to adapt their capacities.



Good to know:

On some trains which do not provide reservations for bicycles the number of bycicles may be limited due to safety or space.



If you have booked a ticket for your bycicle and you are not allowed to enter the train your rights are as follows:






Good to know:
Like any other piece of luggage, you must supervise the bicycle yourself. The railway company is not resposable for theft or damage. The railway company can be hold resposible if the bycle was damaged due to an accident caused by the railway company.



Our advice:


If you want to take the bycicle with you, please ask each railway company which you will use about: