Your rights at departure and during the journey :

If the train is announced to be more than 60 minutes late at departure, you are entitled to

Please note! Accommodation may be limited to 3 nights if the train delay is due to extraordinary circumstances (bad weather, sabotage, etc.), through the fault of the passenger or a third party (person on the tracks), with the exception of other transport or rail operating companies.

Our advice:

Ask the railway undertaking for assistance and at the station before taking the initiative to book accommodation yourself.

Your rights on arrival:

If you arrive at your destination with a delay :

Good to know: Some railway undertakings or countries may provide compensation from 30 minutes of delay onwards. Ask for more information.

Please note:

Our advice:

Find out about your carrier’s compensation rates. They may be higher (compensation for delays of 30 minutes or more, higher percentage of compensation, etc.).